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Who we are.

As founding partners we have jointly worked as product managers, operations heads, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, and innovation consultants. We are building a network of innovative doers across the creative and technical disciplines.



Ben has spent the last 10 years in disruptive startups, building business models, developing products and devising marketing campaigns which scale at speed. Underpinning this has been the discipline to implement the systems that can handle the pressure of this growth, analyzing customer behavior and developing the product to suit it. His dedication to scaling good things has also led him to begin multiplying himself, having two gorgeous children so far, supported by his saintly wife Bryony. 

Twitter: @bjwlewis



Between tech startups and social ventures, Matt has spent the last 10 years making ideas happen. He thrives on innovation, strategy, and solving big problems, recently helping to lead the launch and scale of fintech startup 'Geniac'. His hands-on approach has him on the front lines interviewing customers, testing products and fortifying operational processes. He's also obsessed with learning. If you can learn it online he is learning it - be it the piano, fitness, brushing up on his maths (for fun), or German. 

Twitter: @mpgwood