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Disrupt the status quo. For Good.


What we do.

We are here to make great ideas happen and to see businesses fly.

At both a strategic and a practical level we come alongside businesses to develop and grow a key area or asset. Whether unlocking existing propositions or leading the development of new ones, our combined experience ensures we can distil opportunities, test solutions, and help you grow.  

If you are looking to disrupt the status quo in a positive and lasting way, we could be the team to help. 


some teams we've worked with.

We are proud to have worked with some exceptional teams and individuals. Some of what they have to say is below, but they would love to speak to you if you're interested in finding out more.

Michael Galvin BW.jpg

Michael Galvin - Geniac, co-founder; Go4Venture, CEO

"Having worked with Matt for over 5 years, he has been a bit of a secret weapon in our businesses together. Most recently, at Geniac, he was responsible for driving our initial traction, the incubation and scale of many key business functions, and the overall improvement of our business structures and processes."

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William Reeve - Investor & Serial entrepreneur

"I would thoroughly recommend working with Ben. When it comes to growth he is capable of making almost anything happen. From media planning to buying, new website flows to deep data analysis his combination of creativity and rigorous testing makes him an incredible asset for any business looking to scale"


Brit Gilmore - The Giving Keys, President

"Matt worked with us at a pivotal time in The Giving Keys journey, helping us to make key management changes which have been core to sustaining our growth and success."

Craig Gibson BW .jpg

Craig Gibson - webhelp uk, chief commercial officer

"Matt's ability to identify opportunities and develop clear, concise strategies that underpin their realisation is a real asset. He led the strategy around our move to South Africa, which has been a very successful venture, already employing over 4000 people."

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Bridget Callaghan - Well kneaded food, Co-founder

"Ben very quickly got to the bottom of what really drives our business, both the heart and the economics. The visibility he was able to give us on our growth, what was driving it and where it was being held back has changed the way we view our business. He has left our team with more skills, confidence and clarity in their role."

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Eduardo martinez - Geniac, Co-founder; Serial Entrepreneur

"I have had the privilege of working with Matt for over 5 years on many different projects. Matt's amazing attitude towards achieving the right outcome, always placed him in the most critical business roles on each project. If I had to highlight one of his many talents, this would be his incredible positive attitude towards people, always making sure that everybody is aligned and happy in the team, together with his expert understanding of key stakeholders and customers."


How we work.


First, we get to know your business. We dive in to understanding who you are, what you stand for, your core metrics and what you are really trying to achieve. We distil and validate opportunities and models, defining the best path to realisation.


We integrate with your team in building, testing, and iterating; from a minimum viable product to your first marketing campaign. We also pull on our wider team of BAM Associates where additional skills are needed. 


We commit to gaining initial traction and then the development and embedding of scalable marketing and operational processes. Where required we can place and train teams in execution to maintain and support the venture as it grows.


Who we are.

As founding partners we have jointly worked as product managers, operations heads, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, and innovation consultants. We are building a network of innovative doers across the creative and technical disciplines.



Ben has spent the last 10 years in disruptive startups, building business models, developing products and devising marketing campaigns which scale at speed. Underpinning this has been the discipline to implement the systems that can handle the pressure of this growth, analyzing customer behavior and developing the product to suit it. His dedication to scaling good things has also led him to begin multiplying himself, having two gorgeous children so far, supported by his saintly wife Bryony. 

Twitter: @bjwlewis



Between tech startups and social ventures, Matt has spent the last 10 years making ideas happen. He thrives on innovation, strategy, and solving big problems, recently helping to lead the launch and scale of a UK based fintech startup. His hands-on approach has him on the front lines interviewing customers, testing products and fortifying operational processes. He's also obsessed with learning. If you can learn it online he is learning it - be it the piano, fitness, brushing up on his maths (for fun), or German. 

Twitter: @mpgwood



We are building a collective of doers, each with 10+ years of creative experience, a knack for making things happen, and a passion for positive impact. Business brains, coders, designers, data scientists, et alia, who want to invent, build and disrupt the status quo - for good.


BAM Works Ltd,  is a company registered in England and Wales number 10715154