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Who we are

We are building a collective of creative doers, each with 10+ years experience, and sharply honed skills for bringing concepts to life. 


BEN LEWIS Co-founder

Ben has spent the last 10 years in disruptive start-ups, building business models, developing products and devising marketing campaigns which scale at speed. Underpinning this has been the discipline to implement the systems that can handle the pressure of this growth, analyzing customer behavior and developing the product to suite it.

"The first rule of growing your business, get a rediculsuly good looking business partner"


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MaTThew Wood Co-founder

Matt is cut from the same lean startup cloth. Between tech startups and social ventures Matt has spent the last 10 years on the front line. He thrives on innovation, change, and solving big problems. He recently helped lead the launch and scale of fintech startup 'Geniac', and prior to this was involved in a mix of growth hacking and NGO work. His success is in part due his hands-on approach which has him on the front lines interviewing customers, testing products and fortifying processes to ensure they are effective, iterative and scalable. 

“The first rule of finding your superpower is not to be shy about your strengths”